Harris Chiwalo to launch new album on Sept 7


There is no second chance for first impression. Once you miss it, it’s gone forever. One person who fully understood this was Harris Chiwalo who then decided to hit the music industry when he was  sure he was excellent.

Chiwalo: To launch album

Ndinu Mulungu was the album that made Harris Chiwalo a household name among the gospel fans with its variety of music that served both praise and worship fans.

Songs like Ndinu Nokha, Kuvutika Kwake and the title track received massive support, evidenced by the successive launch in 2014 at Robins Park in Blantyre.

To the surprise of many people, suddenly Chiwalo went silent on his musical career without anyone knowing what he was planning.

He then resurfaced in the late 2018 and released a single track called Musayimbe Nawo, which tackled about realities of Christian life but was done in a very creative and totally different from his usual Ndinu Mulungu guy.

The release of Musayimbe nawo left most of his fans in suspense as this was a new genre of music altogether comparing to his old songs.

But in his words Harris said: “The 4 years he had been silent he was receiving a lot of feedback from his debut album and new ideas were also popping in his mind, more reason he has completely shifted from the usual way of doing gospel music.”

There couldn’t be any better word of naming this second album than Step two as Harris really brought in a feeling of growth, excitement and unique of gospel music.

It’s an album that has old songs that people have grown up singing since childhood like Chingwe, which has been done in a way that will be enjoyed by all age groups.

Asked if he isn’t afraid of not being accepted by the fans, he has simply acknowledged that not all people will love this type of music but he has appealed to the fans to give a chance to the songs before making their preference.

“I know people will have difficulties accepting this as gospel music but still lend you ear to the songs and then make your choice, I just had to grow”

People have a chance of sampling the Step Two album on the 7th of September 2019 at Hotel Victoria in Blantyre, where Harris and his Fresh Wind Music will be performing at the Step Two Album Concert Launch that will be supported by Jimmy Phiri, Blessings Gondwe, and Desire Manda. Musician Atikonda will also be introduced. The Concert shall start at 6pm.