Mlatho fire Ng’onamo, Saka

Eddington Ng'onamo

Mlatho Mponela have fired coach Eddington Ng’onamo and his assistant Bothwell Saka.

The move comes days after the team lost two games in a row in Mzuzu.

One of the club’s trustees Happy Saka said they warned the coaches about the team’s performance but the situation did not improve.

Eddington Ng'onamo
Eddington Ng’onamo: fired

“The team’s performance is still worsening and Mlatho is on the verge of relegation so we had no choice but to part ways with them,” Happy Saka said.

Ng’onamo refused to comment saying he was yet to receive the dismissal letter.

Bothwell Saka was in charge when Mlatho Mponela got promoted from the Central Region League to Super League.

Saka was later replaced by Ng’onamo whose dismissal has put Mlatho Mponela’s Denmark trip in limbo as he was the facilitator of the trip.

Mlatho Mponela will this weekend play Silver Strikers in the Tnm Super League.