Mwenefumbo loses election case


Alliance for Democracy (Aford) parliamentary candidate for Karonga Central Constituency in the May 21 elections, Frank Mwenefumbo, has failed to in his bid to have results of polls in the constituency nullified.

Mwenefumbo, who was also United Democratic Front (UDF) presidential runningmate, lost the parliamentary elections to Cornelius Mwalwanda who was a Malawi Congress Party candidate.

The Aford candidate got 4,816 votes while Mwalwanda amassed 4,907 votes. Mwenefumbo challenged the results at Mzuzu High Court saying irregularities marred the outcome.

Presenting a ruling on the case, Judge Thomson Ligowe said Mwenefumbo has failed to present evidence and prove that there were irregularities during the elections in the constituency.

Following the judgement, Mwenefumbo accepted the ruling and advised his supporters to do the same.

Since the May 21 elections, several parliamentary candidates have failed in their bids to have results of elections in their constituencies nullified.