HRDC North Chair condemns demo violence

Northern Region chairperson for the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Happy Mhango has condemned violent acts during protests today saying the looters were not demonstrators.

The protests in Mzuzu were delayed due to logistical issues but at around noon demonstrators started protesting peacefully up to the destination point.

A house damaged during Mzuzu demos

However, the one million march that the HRDC organised ended in locations where thugs ransacked people’s property.

Mhango told Malawi24 that the acts were not carried out by protesters.

“We have had peaceful demonstrations and every time we are preaching that we are holding peaceful demonstrations, but those who go around the town and locations looting people’s property are not part of us, we strongly reject such malpractice,” said Mhango.

Sothini Ngoma who lives in Chiputula location said some people looted his shop and damaged his house.

“I saw a crowd heading here and they started breaking into my shop and my house. I cannot confirm the value of goods taken but let God control everything,” Ngoma in tears.

This is not the first time for protests in the city to descend into chaos as protesters also damaged government property during similar demonstrations last month.




  1. It is senseless to conderm the Demos you organised.You think u are clever by destroying government properties and personal owned businesses. you’re putting Malawi at a zero GDP.if you went to school you would think twice about organising those Demos as you know some protesters are savages and poor and they aim at stealing other people’s goods.
    And I don’t know Why the government is so weak not to deal with those organising such demos.As for me am in Capetown eating chicken for breakfast and you remain like that with your Demos.

  2. God is watching , chilima mtambo,ndi chakwera ayi ndithu tsiku likwana lanu special

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