Capital Hill to remain open

Government has assured Malawians that Capital Hill will remain open this week and there will be no disruption of government services.

Chief Secretary to the Government Lloyd Muhara said this in a statement on Monday.

Muhara says Capital Hill will be safeguarded

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC), the organisers of post-election demonstrations scheduled for today and tomorrow, said on Sunday that they will hold vigils at the Capital Hill.

However, Muhara in the statement said there will be no disruption of government services. He urged civil servants that their security is guaranteed and they should continue discharging their duties normally.

“Government wishes to assure the general public that Capital Hill and all other Government offices will be safeguarded, by all means possible, so that the public is not denied services,” reads part of the statement.

Meanwhile, the Peter Mutharika administration has branded the post-election protests as illegal saying the HRDC has not been given permission to conduct demonstrations.

The government has warned Malawians that people found protesting on Tuesday and Wednesday will be dealt with by the police.