Miracle tenders: Bushiri makes woman win a 22-million tender without bidding

After helping a South African man win a contract worthy more than the world’s combined GDP, several other people have started pouring in with testimonies of how Prophet Shepherd Bushiri helped them win miracle tenders.

A woman, from Botswana, recalled how a prayer for financial breakthrough by Major 1, as Bushiri is fondly called by his follower, helped her win a tender without bidding.

‘no bidding happened’, says Woman

During her testimony on Sunday Service at the ECG church, the woman said she won a multi-million tender without even submitting a bid.

“I came here in February this year believing in God of Major 1 for financial breakthroughs. Two weeks after being prayed for by Major 1, I received a request for my company profile. I was the only one who submitted. I was given a construction contract for 449,772.50 Botswana Pula (K22.4 million)” she testifies.

According to the convener, the woman did not compete with anybody because of Bushiri’s prayers.

“You financial doors are opening… In your business, you will not compete with anybody” he declares.

The woman, read a now deleted post that Bushiri had shared on his Facebook, won the tender after she had attended the International visitors programme in February 2019.

“She thought they had selected her company to come and bid for tenders but to her surprise, they wanted her company profile in order for her to come and receive a tender without having to compete for it” reads part of the post that was shared on Bushiri’s Facebook page about the woman’s miracle tender.

The lady, following her testimony, also endorsed Bushiri’s claims that there is a special angel assigned to the International Programmes to deliver miracles.

She urged her fellow congregants to attend the session, which according to reports in South Africa, people are billed a fee for a session with the Malawian born prophet.

On the same day, another woman, from Easten Cape, also talked of she won a miracle tender without bidding.

“I opened a company through the instruction of our Father (Bushiri) that we should open companies and allow God to do the rest. I registered my company 4 months a go.

“Last month, Papa (Bushiri) was prophesying to a guy that he is going to get 700 billion. Then he said there are twenty people that should connect with a seed [for] a financial revival coming. After 6 days of reconnecting the seed, I received an email for a tender I didn’t even bid for. I never applied for it” she says.

‘I didn’t bid’

The woman, studying tourism, says she had just registered her company and had not submitted any tender bidding document.

“They want me to supply and deliver machines for medication. They are also asking for quotation  with regards to how much I am going to charge them for the machines. After charging them R58,000 (K2.8 million), they said they want 15 machines from me. The total is R870,000 (K42.7 million) but including VAT, the tender is 1 million” claims the woman.

Malawi24 could not independently verify the claims made by the women. However, the bidding amount excluding VAT is the same as that of VAT and grand total.

The e-mail used is also [email protected]nationaltreasurygov.com instead of the treasury.gov.za domain. Commentators inferred that the domain for the email used on the ‘tender’ document is intended to mislead viewers and other members of the public to perceive it as authentic.

Miracle tender or scam?



  1. Why are our people so blind, you can’t win a tender without competitors and if there’s only one company bidding a tender should be re advertised.

    We are not stupid Bushiri you are making our to be lazy.

    One day is one day , you will regret Bushiri

  2. You need to stop with this your crazyness.. This is real. I have proof of this and people who testify of the things happening at ECG they are never allowed to do so without any proof.

  3. Yes. This things happen. And they never allow anyone to give a testimony without proof. I can’t argue how this things happen there.. But they truly do take place.

  4. Do It for me Lord pray for me l need breakthrough just for give me my sins like what you did for Atherstone because this is Amazing with God it will happen Amen

  5. Pray for me man of God and open my heart. I want to be make the one lucky and I will be to drow.

  6. Hii. as far as am concern no one can win a tender without other competator even though You have strong spiritual power.. there will be an auditors to check this quotation and you cannot bid alone. this might be a scam. this is highly impossible

  7. This is such a scam. The email address on the request for quotation is fake. Government doesnt use .com addresses. @treasury.gov.za is the only proper email address

  8. This is such a scam. The email address on the request for quotation is fake. Government doesnt use .com addresses. @treasury.gov.za is the only proper email address

  9. Amen… may God of major 1 surprise me too in jesus name

  10. It’s a miracle is not a scam papa his a true man of God I love my prophet his a son of God

  11. This is comedy at its best. I don’t understand why people with morals would humiliate themselves to such low levels. I think also our media has a judge to dig deep into this and try to give awareness to people. This is what media need to verify with government departments. When people are in dare poverty they will do anything but with community awareness the number of those conned will be much smaller than is at the moment.

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