Ntcheu police officers challenged on protecting children’s rights


Police Officers in Ntcheu have been urged to take a leading role in promoting and safeguarding rights of children who come into conflict with the law.

Ntcheu Police Officer in-charge Mr. Obrey Jones Nyirenda, ACP, made the remarks on Tuesday during four-day training   at Ntcheu Catholic Hall on criminal justice system that targets children who are in conflict with the law.

Officers who attended the workshop

Nyirenda observed that knowledge police officers will get from this workshop will greatly assist them in their daily work while safeguarding the rights of children who get on the wrong side of the law.

“As custodians of the law, let’s avoid infringing children’s rights. This can only be achieved only if we are conversant with their universal rights through trainings like this one, so grab this opportunity to equip yourself with the much needed knowledge,” Nyirenda said.

The workshop which has been organised by the Central Region Community Policing Branch in partnership with the Irish Rule of Law International (IRLI) has drawn police officers from all police units in the district.

Representatives from other stakeholders such as the Legal Aid, the District Social Welfare, the Community Policing have also been incorporated.

The training goes through the process each child suspect encounters from arrest, detention and bail through Preliminary Inquiries and Child Justice Courts as established under the CCPJA.

The workshop also focuses on the use of diversion, which is a form of restorative justice in terms of child suspects.

In his remarks, Program Manager for Irish Rule of Law International in Malawi Mr. Tyler Holmes said he is looking forward to a good working relationship with the Police in creating a conducive environment as far as child justice is concerned.

The Irish Rule of Law International is a joint initiative of the Law Society of Ireland and the Bar Council of Ireland, dedicated to promoting the rule of law in developing countries.

The IRLI has been partnering the Malawi Police Service mainly the Central Region Police in promoting greater access to justice since 2011.