Let’s wait for the courts – UDF


The United Democratic Front (UDF) has urged its supporters to refrain from violence and wait for the conclusion of the election case.

In a statement on its Facebook page on Tuesday, the UDF said its supporters should not use violence to protest the outcome of the May 21 elections.

“We would like to encourage our supporters and followers to refrain from violence. Violence in Malawi cannot be a solution. Let us wait for courts to act upon on this issue,” the party.

Opposition Malawi Congress Party and UTM are challenging the results of the polls in court. There have also been violent demonstrations since the elections with protesters demanding the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah.

The UDF said in its statement that irregularities affected the outcome of the polls in its stronghold Eastern Region where the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) got the most votes.

“The elections did not reflect the true will of Malawians on UDF, especially in the Eastern Region. It is not that we are trying to measure success using rallies but we would like to emphasize that there was a lot of irregularities,” the party said.



  1. That hand picking of leaders can finish parties, people clinging to leadership make parties loose popularity, john tembo harmed MCP, atu muluzi finished UDF, afford got finished in same way, …MCP has a strong leader so as UTM, DPP needs to seriously consider fielding a string leader for the electrictions in 4.5 yrs time. It would be the toughest as it will be contested tightly. We can all guess what would happen if MCP and UTM join forces and DPP choose a weak person ;( goodluck to all

  2. Kodi UDF inakasuma Kuti akuti adikile chigamulo cha court? Nanga anthu amene akuwalesawo kupanga zioneselo ndie ati? I think the best way UDF can do just shut your mouth, because you’re worthless to our Beautiful Malawi. I can see ukambelembele wanu a UDF you won’t trick us. Everything you doing timaziwilatu Kuti you doing this because of this. I’ve never seen Demonic stand against evil. It will be surprise to malawians to see UDF stand against Tipped and iveldoers. Because you, you’re evildoers as well. Did Satan stand against it’s own kingdom?

  3. This is true weat for the Court not fwefwefwe museu for nothing akudziwa a MCP kut Saphura kanthu

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