MDF will not stop protecting Malawians – Commander


Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Commander General Vincent Nundwe has said the army will continue to protect Malawians when the police are overstretched.

The Malawi Army General made the remarks in Lilongwe where the police and the military held a press conference on the post-election demonstrations.

MDF commander Vincent Nundwe (R) during the press briefing

Nundwe said the constitution allows the MDF to provide expertise to civil authorities including assisting the Malawi Police in maintenance of law and order.

He noted that massive numbers of people have been joining the post-election protests and the police may be incapable of containing such large groups of people hence the military comes in to cover such gaps.

“The way the demonstrations are taking place now, the police have been overstretched. So that is why the military comes in because we have provision in the constitution.

“As the military we will always provide expertise to civil authority, whether it is the police or any other department,” Nundwe said.

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition has been organising protests to force Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah to resign.

However, the police have demanded the HRDC to stop the protests saying some people are taking advantage to wage war against the police, loot shops and offices and burn buildings.



  1. We believe that government should take full support for the citizens. Much happy with the soldiers the way they are handling things. Let’s maintain our government to be the government of the people and for the people.

    If our leaders love Malawi and its nature, why is it difficult for them to axcept their mistake, for sure all of us we learn thru mistakes.

    Whole nation is suffering coz of 2 individuals!
    That’s not good at all.

    Soldiers keep it up.
    From South Africa.

  2. MDF is known for peace keeping in other countries so it can not fail to do the same in Malawi.

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