TB Joshua heals women with years of continuous menstruation

Prophet TB Joshua miracle healing

…Lumps would just drop profusely, I would just feel it drop

…I never used normal pads that other people use

...You pray for me or else I will divorce my husband

…Men with low stamina in bed plan to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua for restoration

Uninterrupted bleeding for over 3 years. The pain, discomfort and embarrassment was all too much. Medication to its strongest degree did little to stem the flow.  Her marriage was on the verge of collapse. Divorce lawyers were secured on both sides. The clock, ticking. It was just a matter of days.

This is the the story of Mrs J. Okoronkwo who this month joined several other women across the world that Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) healed of their menstrual complications.

The Nigerian televangelist singled Mrs J. Okoronkwo out of a magnitude of congregants at SCOAN.

“There is constant bleeding. It will stop, then it will continue again” he prophetically says to the lady.

After being prayed for, the woman in the company of her husband, reveals that the Prophet’s prayers of healing did not only restore her menstruation complications, but her marriage too.

“We have been having marital issued for over 2 years. When I was here, I texted my husband that I was at SCOAN to hear what God would say concerning our marriage. In his reply, he only said that was my business. There was no  longer affection  in our marriage. We had accepted that things were not working. When I was here, we were on the ledge, ready to go our separate ways”.

“But when the Prophet immediately put his hands on me, I felt sharp pain below my abdomen. I can confirm the prophecy to be true because ever since my period, I would bleed excessively. I never used normal pads. But when the Prophecy was being given, I said, this was not what I came here for.

“But it was then and there, that I realised that God can use any medium to change our lives for ever. Peace has been restored in our marriage. No one is talking about divorce anymore. Nobody is talking about divorce anymore. Affection has returned to out marriage. We love each other. Everything is normal” testifies Mrs Okoronkwo who hails from Lagos Nigeria.

She also revealed that soon after being prayed for, she got a job offer with a lucrative pay as she was unemployed.

Her testimony was collaborated by her husband.

“On that fateful day,  she told me that if the Man of God would not locate her, then she would conclusively know that the marriage was over”  he collaborated.

Mrs Okoronkwo joins Lianna Douglas who was touched and healed by Prophet T.B. Joshua a couple of years ago after 3 years of continuous menstruation.

Douglas who hails from Trinidad and Tobago, decided to take what average people would consider a very long, complex journey to a church in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. Her faith told her that Divine intervention was the only panacea to her problems.

Unlike Mrs Okoronkwo and Lianna Douglas, Mrs Susan Malumo Makando, a Zambian national based in Namibia, had not have menstruation for over 4 years.

“On Wednesday 17th April, 2019, I was praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua while touching the screen. After prayer, he said, “Just like that woman who is bleeding, all your challenges are bleeding right now!” I said, “Amen!” When I woke up on the morning of Thursday 18th April, 2019, I found myself bleeding again as my menstruation – which had ceased since October 2015 – was restored” testifies Mrs Susan Malumo Makando who is married to a Namibian.

The three are few among many women who claim to have their menstrual complications healed after attending SCOAN or watching Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

Meanwhile, some men commenting on the videos shared on YouTube about the restoration of women’s period complications have vowed to attend the Synagogue in order to be  prayed for the restoration of their manpower.