TNM Super League: Exit Shasha, enters to Katswiri


… League sponsors to stream Blantyre Derby live on its Facebook page

TNM Plc, long-term sponsor of the TNM Super League is proud to announce unveiling of a new mascot “Katswiri”, which aims to wow soccer fans and demonstrate progress that TNM is making in developing the beautiful game. Katswiri will be unveiled during the Blantyre Derby on Saturday.


“Katswiri” is a sporty and funny guy to be around. He will go around the league match venues cheering with the fans and also dish out plenty of goodies to fans for good sociable behaviour during football matches.

PR and Sponsorship Manager, Limbani Nsapato said introduction of Katswiri is a demonstration of the progress TNM is making in its long-term sponsorship of the league.

“TNM is a responsive and innovative sponsor. We are moving in tune with worldwide trends in football. When we were faced with a hooliganism problem, we invented the “Shasha” mascot to help nurture order and promote harmony in the game. Now that we’re in the Pokopoko season which is about more noise and excitement with football, here comes Katswiri to amplify the fun and noise in the stadiums,” he said.

Nsapato said everyone who loves football can be their own “Katswiri”, meaning expert or genius in their chosen respective right.

“As a soccer fan, you can be a Katswiri by displaying sociable and peaceful fan behaviour. As a player, you are a Katswiri when you play to the best of your ability and help your team win games. As a soccer commentator, you can be a Katswiri based on your knowledge of the game. As a referee, you can be a Katswiri with good oversight skills. As a football administrator, you can be a Katswiri by effectively and proactively managing your club, or sphere of influence within football. So Katswiri is the jack of all trades and does everything to perfection to bring more cheer and distinction in the stadia,” he said.

Nsapato said soccer fans should look forward to active engagement from Katswiri which in turn should inspire them to vigorously cheer for their players and clubs.

“As the Super League is progressing, we would like to ignite the passion from supporters and Katswiri comes in as an ideal ingredient,” he said.

He said fans should look forward to a line-up of exciting events and activities that Katswiri will participate in and outside the stadiums.

Meanwhile the league sponsors have announced that it will stream live the Blantyre derby on its Facebook page to give opportunity for soccer fans across the globe to watch the action live. TNM Subscribers can take advantage of Yanga Internet bundles to stream live. Yanga Internet bundles can be accessed at as low as K850 for a 4GB bundle valid for two hours.


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  1. Hope teams will not be accusing this mascot of aiding juju,from rival team! By the way,how is this in person?

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