Govt condemns attack on JICA office


The Malawi Government has condemned the damaging of property in yesterday’s demonstrations including the attack on the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) head office in Lilongwe.

On Thursday, protesters filled the streets of Malawi to demonstrate against the outcome of the May 21 elections.

In Lilongwe, protesters pelted stones at the JICA head office and the property suffered damage.

In a statement on Thursday, Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mark Botomani condemned the violence.

“Like the Japanese Embassy, Government is confounded with the development because JICA, as an implementing agency of Japanese Government funded development projects is only in Malawi for goodwill to promote the Japan-Malawi partnership and is not party to any activities outside its development mandate,” Botomani said.

He also condemned the damage on buildings belonging to innocent citizens.

Botomani said government has taken note of the destruction and will hold organisers of the demonstrations accountable.

“Government sympathises with the innocent and unsuspecting Malawians who are being used as weapons for destroying this country to fulfill political ambitions of a few,” he said.

The minister then urged Malawians to make sure the country’s status as a peaceful nation is preserved saying it has taken a lot of work and effort to build and safeguard the record.

“Nothing, therefore, justifies destroying this record and the warm diplomatic relations that Malawi enjoys with other countries and international institutions,” he said.



  1. Hi guys I’m a south African I want to visit to Malawi bt I afraid now

  2. Give the malawians what they want. Corruption is the cause. Mutharika and ur friends just resign. Dats all we want

  3. Chilima,chakwera,mtambo,and gift .guys only 4 people disturbing the guys let’s do something this country it’s for malawian not only chakwera and his team

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