Protesters present petition to Mutharika’s aide Bamusi


Protesters in Lilongwe presented their petition to the Presidential Adviser on Civil Society Organisations Mabvuto Bamusi who promised to deliver it to the office of the president.

The petition was presented near Four Seasons Hotel as the protesters were not allowed to march to within 100 metres from the State House.

After presenting the petition, HRDC chairperson Timothy Mtambo told Bamusi that they are waiting for Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah to resign today.

Mtambo added that they will wait for the response from the state president Peter Mutharika although he was supposed to receive the petition.

In the petition, the HRDC wants the immediate resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Justice Dr Jane Ansah and other Commissioners to pave way for proper investigations into the disputed May 21 tripartite elections.

“The person who supplied tippex to be used for doctoring result sheets should be identified and prosecuted. We also demand that MEC presiding officers, those who were involved in the election manipulation to be prosecuted,” Mtambo said.

The HRDC chairperson made it clear that the main reason of the demonstrations is that Ansah should resign.

In his remarks after receiving the petition, Bamusi assured the coalition that the petition arrived in the right hand and that Mutharika will receive it today.

“Appointing authority will be the one to receive the petition and will make a decision. I will present the petition straight to the office of president. People should go to their respective homes without damaging anything,” he said.

Bamusi therefore commended HRDC for presenting the petition and pledged to contact the coalition for updates regarding the issue.

After they dispersed, some protesters damaged Central Information Office   at City Centre and broke glasses at another building which is under construction.

They also stole tyres at Kwik fit shop at Bisnowaty which they burnt along the road.

The violent protesters were chased away by Malawi Defence Force soldiers and the police who intervened.


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  1. Ayambe ndi mtambo kutula pasi udindo chifukwa walephera kupanga peaceful demonstration always akumaba katundu wa anthu atule pasi udindo ndithu asanayambe Jane asah

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