Bushiri denies plotting to oust Mutharika

Prophet Major One

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has warned people spreading reports claiming he is behind the ‘Jane Ansah Must Fall’ protests.

The South Africa based televangelist has condemned the people behind the fake social media reports circulating on Facebook and Twitter.

The prophet’s spokesman, Ephraim Nyondo, has been quoted by an online news publication, Nyasa Times, that Prophet Bushiri, as a church leader “does not, directly or indirectly, get involved in the local politics”.

Prophet Major One
Bushiri: Leave me alone

Malawians, mostly from the opposition parties, have been holding public contests calling on the chairperson of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Jane Ansah to resign.

The protesters allege that Ansah helped the incumbent president, Mr Peter Mutharika, rig to win the presidential race.

Ansah says she will not resign.

Both main opposition parties, Malawi Congress Party and UTM, are legally challenging the presidential results and are demanding a rerun. The two parties have asked the High Court to nullify the results.

Neither party recognizes Mutharika as a legitimate president, with MCP saying it can not form a government of national unity with Mutharika. MCP has asked Mutharika to resign and form a governing council to pave way for a rerun.

Meanwhile Bushiri, through his spokesperson, has warned people against dragging  his name into local politics.

Prior to the 2019 Presidential race, reports were allover social media claiming that Bushiri was contemplating joining active politics as a presidential candidate.

While laughing off the reports, Bushiri is on record to have said the presidency was a demotion for his calling.

It has also been alleged that the Malawian born prophet funded some parliamentary aspirants in the 2019 Malawi polls.

Bushiri also denied these reports.

Nonetheless, renowned spiritual children of Prophet Bushiri who contested but failed to make it to Parliament include Penjani Fredokiss Kalua, Sodier Lucius Banda, Gerald Kampanikiza, Nelly Banda, Enock Chihana and Boniface Kadzamila.

There is no proof, however, to suggest that these aspirants were being funded by the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church founder.



  1. When is Conman Bushiri going to apologise, repent and seek forgiveness for all those he lied to about his presidency of the $100 Billion fake AFRICCI scam fund. Was this the greatest act of fraud . Christians should pray that the deceiver Bushiri gets a very long prison sentence in S Africa.

  2. PLease andale inu mukaona kut zinthu sizikuyenda chonde muzingovomereza kut zinthu zavuta, kusiyana ndikumayikamo anthu omwe ntchito yawo ndikutumikira mulungu, a mademo asiyeni ndi ufulu wawo, koma osati prophet Bushiri akutengapo mbali ayi.
    KOmanso ndikuuzeni ichi inu mukulankhula zimenezi;
    Bushiri ndi mbadwa ya dziko lino, chingamuletse ndi chani kutengapo gawo pa zionesero zochitika mu dziko lake? musiyeni iye ngati m’Malawi atha kuchita nawo zionesero pamene iye akuona kuti akukhudzidwa mumtima ngati momwe amachitira azipembedzo ena.

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