PIL trains fuel tanker drivers on road safety  


Major fuel importer, Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL), has hailed its series of safety awareness trainings for drivers in the country, saying they have reduced occurrences of road accidents.

Speaking on the sidelines of a two-day workshop in Blantyre, PIL General Manager Martin Msimuko said the trainings are yielding effective results.

“Since we started these trainings, we have seen tremendous improvement in the delivery of our services. Last year we had more than seven accidents but this year we have registered only one accident, this means that there is behavior change in drivers,” said Msimuko.

Msimuko said PIL takes bold steps in intensifying safety measures for all drivers to ensure that communities are secured.

“At PIL we understand that the product we carry is very dangerous to the society and drivers respectively. We regularly organize these refresher trainings to remind our drivers of necessary safety measures to ensure that everyone is safe and deliver our service efficiently,” he said.

He said that PIL will continue collaborating with stakeholders in organizing the trainings to mitigate accidents.

“At PIL we take safety issues serious because accidents in this business have a huge impact on people and environment. We will continue working with other players to accelerate safety among drivers until they take safety as value in their day to day endeavors,” said Msimuko.

One of the attendees, Robert Muura of Ninkawa Transport hailed PIL for its intervention in improving safety.

“These trainings are of paramount important for us because we are equipped with defensive driving skills that help us when we are ferrying fuel. As a result, we are not involved in accidents,” said Muura.

In collaboration with International Haurage Brokers (IHB), PIL has been conducting safety awareness trainings across the country.

More than 100 drivers attended the training which was facilitated by Shavin Safety Consultants.