HRDC vows to sue First Lady over UK trip


The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has threatened to drag First Lady Gertrude Mutharika to court if she fails to reimburse the money she has used for a private trip to the United Kingdom.

At a press briefing in Lilongwe today, HRDC chairperson Timothy Mtambo gave Mutharika seven days to give back the money to taxpayers.

Mutharika left Malawi on Monday through Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe to attend her son Tadikira Mafubza’s graduation at the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom.

The First Lady will spend 10 days in the UK and has travelled with seven aides. The trip will cost Malawian taxpayers at least K30 million.

“Mutharika is accompanied by seven State Residences officials, including security, who have taken K315 000 ($420) each per day for the 10 days. The allowances translate to K3.1 million per individual and K22 million for the seven for 10 days,” the Nation newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Kamuzu Palace spokesperson told the paper that Mutharika has travelled in her official capacity as First Lady of Malawi.

He however defended the size of the First Lady’s entourage saying she normally travels with 12 aides.

He said: “You may wish to appreciate also that it is cost-effective to have our own professional Malawian officers accompany the First Lady to UK than hiring there.”



  1. Zakuvutani basi makape inu.Zitolerani ndalama zobweza zingongole.Muyisova.Move without security tikuthireni machaka tsopano

  2. Izi ndye zachibwana anthu akufa ku queens u busy spending millions coz of graduation we are tired of u fools mwatibera kwakwana

    So amidst political turmoil in the land, the first lady, Getrude Mutharika decides to spend over MK30 million of tax-payers money on a private trip, of course with the president’s greenlight. Check it out, The Late Bingu Wamutharika had an unbelievable first term of his presidency. National developmental projects covering the whole Malawi were everywhere as evidence of visionary leadership. Malawians were becoming proud of their national identity again. This five star presidential performance resulted in landslide election victory for his second term. But then tragedy struck! The first lady behind the man, unfortunately died and ‘A NEW FIRST LADY by the name of Calista came on the scene….and that was the beginning of the Late president’s certain downfall. During the first term of the presidency of Nelson Mandela of South Africa, his wife, Late Winnie Mandela was a cabinet minister. Like many African first ladies, she grabbed the opportunity to use her husband’s position of power to travel the world. She planned to travel to Dubai in her private capacity but sought Nelson Mandela’s authorization to use the tax payers money. Guess what, the President her husband refused to give authorization for obvious integrity reasons. Winnie was furious and travelled to Dubai anyway, somehow managing to fund her private sojourneying with taxpayer money. Upon returning from that trip, she was fired from her cabinet post by her husband!! Ladies and gentlemen, isn’t possible that the Malawian first lady is in the same category as the notorious ex-first lady of Zimbabwe that finally facilitated the downfall of the Great Bob of Zanu-PF? What about Delilah of the Phillistines that unceremoniously terminated the vision and ministry of the man who could tear a lion to pieces with his bear hands! What is it with women and what is it with men? It’s a great mystery. God help the men! Same story with Eve and Adam!

  4. When the poor cannot access asprin in gvmnt hospitals We can also much because she is illigitimate forst lady

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