Demonstrations cancelled

Tuesday’s nationwide demonstrations meant to force MEC Chairperson Jane Ansah out of office have been cancelled, organisers have confirmed.

The nation was to be rocked into a new spate of vigils in all major cities as the call for Ansah’s head continues.

Ansah faces accusations from the civil society of leading the country into a fraudulent election which apparently she has been describing as free and fair.

She has maintained she will not succumb to press to step out of office.

The HRDC has been leading thousands of Malawians in vigils since a fortnight ago.

The new vigils were supposed to take place tomorrow but have been moved to Thursday.

Speaking with members of the press, HRDC Chairperson Timothy Mtambo said that they want to put all their efforts to make sure that all the districts which are proposing to be included on  the demonstration list have been given the opportunity.

Mtambo added by asking the general public to continue having faith in the coalition saying the fight is for Malawians who are crying for their votes.

“The changes to the  demonstrations has been called for due to pressure from other districts who wants to be part and parcel of this demonstrations, we also want to  change  on how we will conduct this demonstrations by  changing routes,” he said.

When asked if the coalition is aware that the demonstrations are affecting businesses in the country, Mtambo said that Ansah is responsible and only the MEC chairperson can   respond to the question since she is refusing to step down and fulfill the wishes of Malawians.

The coalition then pledged to hold peaceful demonstrations come Thursday with tight security by Malawi Police Service and warned against violence and theft.

Previous demonstrations were characterised by looting, arson and running battles between the police and protestors.

The MEC leadership faces accusations of conniving to let Peter Mutharika win by changing figures thorough its officers using erasing fluid Tippex.