T.B. Joshua complains: When I say little thing, you twist it

TB Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua says he has not been making prophecies about the things happening around the world because people twist his prophecies.

Prophet T.B. Joshua revealed that he resorted to silence despite seeing the things way before they happen.

“Many things that happened around the world, I saw it. But I when I tell it to you, you twist it” claims in a clip that has been shared by Emannuel TV, the official channel of Prophet T.B. Joshua and his Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

The Nigeria televangelist says he has reversed his decision to remain silent because the world can not stay in the dark forever.

“The World can not be in the dark. This is one of the reasons why I am here today” he says shortly before issuing out a prophecy that Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari requires prayers to see through his term.

Buhari has been facing stiff opposition ever since his reelection in February this year. His legitimacy is being challenged by Nigeria’s main opposition leader, Atiku Abubaka.



  1. We thank GOD we have in this world man of the highest living GOD

  2. Hello man of God. I am Benjamin shiveka from kenya, i am not a born again. My entire life is in complicated i don’t know if am witched. Please i just need prayers for deliverance please man of God help me please.

  3. Go ahead and tell the world what God is revealing to you God of God. I honour your Anointing. The antagonistic forces shall not distract the voice of God. The world needs to know what God is saying and pray about it. Even if you face attacks, there are millions of children of God who understand that you are an End Time Messenger from God and we shall continue praying for you Papa. We love you

  4. So the reason why people should pray for president is because he has been facing opposition since reelection? What if he indeed rigged the election? He should still be prayed for to remain in office. This is ridiculous.

  5. Sir, you are just one in a billion you are a true prophet of God you are a God sent to this generation. Sir, please don’t listen to critics because they will always be there that is why our God is a mystery no one can predict the Omni Omni except his prophets like you. May God bless and always replenish your anointing. Thank you my prophet.

  6. May God Almighty continue lifting you from one level to another level man of God.Its really a blessing having such a prophet in our generation.

  7. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for all your prophecies. Please continue to pray for us. The bible says “My people perish because of lack of knowledge” Very true. People don’t like to be told the truth. No matter what people say against my Prophet TB Joshua, the Prophet of our generation, I and my household will worship the God of Prophet TB Joshua. Not only has his teachings changed my life and the lives of my family, they have increased my faith and the faiths of my family. Thank You Prophet TB Joshua for allowing God to use to save lives. I cover you and your family with the blood of Jesus. From the crown of your heads to the sole of your feet. No weapon fashioned against you will prosper. Any work of the devil in your life and the lives of your family be cancelled in Jesus Christ Name. Goodness and Mercy shall follow you and your family all the days of your lives and you shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever. Amen. Thank You God for the life Prophet TB Joshua and the lives of of his family in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

  8. People don’t read the Bible they just criticism about the words of God

  9. People don’t read the Bible they just criticism about the words of God

  10. I thank you for the prayers for our country Nigeria in particular and the entire world at large. Your duty saps your life, though many may not see it through that prism. Your responsibilities are divinely assigned. So you need not wait, or expect many to interpret your prophecy in accord with the revelation you receive. There are other messages on earth today other than the Gospel message. Every adherents of the other messages will usually twist your prophecy in other to carve a name where he or she belongs. If you wait for people to approve of your prophecy or interpret it the way it ought to be, then God may not be God as He uses weakness to shore his miracle. The opinion of Joshua and Caleb prevailed over those of ten Israelite leaders. You are a prophet and you are worth a million people. You should be looking at God and not us, for what you see we do not, and what your hear we may not hear. Pray for us, we are sick and need your intercession for the grace to return to us. God be with you.

  11. Prophet of God, that has been the situation since the time of Jesus, so don’t mind them. I miss your morning water. 70% of all Tourists to Nigeria is because of your Ministry. We the poor come to you to bless us. If you go to Israel what will happen to us. Israel is our Lord Jesus place, and the covenant to Israel with God is for ever. Sir please stay in Nigeria. Instead go to your home town, get a great space, let the world come there. Please Prophet of God, don’t leave us, for we cannot come to Israel to have your blessings. We need you here Man of God.

  12. Thank you sir we appreciate and often look forward to hearing your prophecy because its real. But sir, don’t blame people much when they twists your prophecy, as you know that most of your prophetic pronouncements are deeper for ordinary minds interpretations. Just like this one, its shrowded in mystery which may be difficult to ordinary mind, except you do the spiritual interpretations we may not know more than just reading and understanding it in human senses. May God strengthen you more sir.

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