Robert Mughogho eyes top spot in Malawi music


Malawi’s Lilongwe based singer Robert Mughogho is blazing having made a record breaking release of the songs via local music platforms.

The capital city dweller has unleashed the songs which he did in afro pop style, as he strives to break into the industry. He has released, Mthila kuwiri, Nyali and Mavuto, songs which are addressing a wide range of issues which people encounter in everyday life.

In Mthila kuwiri, he talks about negative minded people who specialise in spreading lies about others instead of working hard. Furthermore, he addresses the issue of envy.

“You reported to my workplace that I am a thief, you have been spreading lies at church that I impregnated someone, please leave me alone, am sick and tired of your behaviour,” sounds part of the lyrics.

Speaking to Malawi24 on Saturday, Mughogho revealed the message in the other songs. He said Nyali talks about true love which is unconditional while Mavuto is all about seasonal love.

Having fallen in love with the art way back, Robert believes it is about time he made a name in Malawi music.

“Am here to stay. I do not do music for fame or money but for the love of it hence I give it my all. I believe I have come to stay,” he said

His music is enjoying downloads on Malawi Music sites. Mughogho is also available for bookings.