Namadingo’s Madando becomes a post-election hit

Namadingo blasts Bushiri in new song

Musician Patience Namadingo is the master of the current highlight in Malawi music, Madando, a song he unleashed in May following the elections.

Madando meaning complaints, trailed the controversial presidential elections. It is during the election period when the word “Madando” became popular.

However, the song does not dwell on the controversy surrounding this year’s elections. Namandingo sings about selfish politicians whose behaviour is sinking the nation in a deep ocean of poverty.

He questions them: “How do you feel when we are rated the poorest country in the world, how do you feel basking in luxurious lives outside Malawi when our country is poor?”

The singer further questions politicians for using the youth, for their own good. In the end, he says only time will be the best judge considering that people are no longer dancing to politician’s sour tunes.

The song in question is enjoying massive airplay while registering more downloads on music platforms. Being a song which one can hardly dance to, it carries a strong message which has the power to awaken those who were sleeping.

Others have argued, the song will stand the test of time, since it’s bearing a strong message. In the song, Namadingo sings his heart out. His angelic voice is surely an icing on the cake.