No Major cracks! No fight between Uebert Angel, Bushiri

Prophet Uebert Angel and Prophet Bushiri

Reports that there is a lift between Prophet Shepherd Bushiri his spiritual father, Prophet Uebert Angel have been described as an exaggeration and a major nonsense.

The reports emerged after Prophet Uebert Angel had shared on Facebook what some people deciphered as a cryptic a jab aimed at the Malawian born prophet currently plying his trade in South Africa.

Prophet Uebert Angel and Prophet Bushiri
Stop the lies: Prophet Uebert Angel with his spiritual son

The post was decoded to imply that Bushiri, commonly known as Major 1, was ungrateful spiritual son.

However, the claims were put to rest on Saturday when Prophet Uebert Angel shared on Instagram a photo of his son, Seer Eubert Angel junior and Prophet Bushiri rocked in brotherly hug.

“The allegations are nonsense. The two prophets can never and will never have a fallout. People just read too much into that first post” Tish Lubhengo posted on the photo.

On 6 May this year, Prophet Uebert Angel had also posted a photo of the Englighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church founder with his wife, Prophetess Mary Bushiri, backing Lubhengo’s argument.

“REAT POWER is found in LOYALTY and not in NUMBERS. @shepherdbushiri and @prophetess_mary_b have been loyal for years and their resolve to remain steadfast in their loyalty to me and BeBe is very commendable in a world where loyalty is non-existent and at most scarce.

“Their loyalty to our ministry and everything around us in and out of season has been the greatest strength we could ever ask. For more than that reason, the GoodNewsWorld is behind them unreservedly #GoodNewsWorld” Prophet Angel captioned the Instagram post.

Earlier this year, a report by Hallelujah Magazine claimed that Prophet Uebert Angel had directed Prophets Bushiri to close his church. However, ECG church spokesperson, Maynard Manyowa, told the magazine then that “all the reports that the church has been closed are lies”.

Prophet Uebert Angel, who Bushiri regards as a spiritual father, is considered one of Africa’s miracle televangelists in Africa.

Based in the United Kingdom and a self-declared billionaire, Prophet Angel is the founding father of the the Good News Church.