Opposition will only take government over my dead body – Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has warned opposition parties that their objective of creating lawlessness in order to take over government will not be achieved.

The Malawi leader has suggested that the opposition are promoting post-election violence with the aim of overthrowing his government.

Mutharika who was declared winner in the disputed May 21 elections  was speaking in Blantyre this afternoon during Independence Day celebrations.

On Thursday and Friday, opposition leadersLazarus Chakwera and Saulos Chilima joined protests which turned ugly as protesters looted shops and set buildings and vehicles on fire.

In his speech, Mutharika said the violence is aimed at turning Malawi into a lawless state.

He said the opposition are also undermining chiefs, the courts and the Malawi Electoral Commission as well as every democratic institution that ensures law and order in the country.

“They are creating propaganda against Army and Police because these are hardworking security officers who keep law and order.

“They want to intimidate vendors, shop owners and banks from doing their business because they don’t want business people to succeed in your lives,” he said.

Mutharika described the protest leaders and the opposition leaders as selfish people who do not love this country and Malawians. He said their conduct and the violence are unacceptable.

“Intimidating people who support Government is unacceptable. Intimidating innocent business people is unacceptable. Intimidating our chiefs is unacceptable.

“And we, the people of Malawi, will hold them accountable. The law will take action,” Mutharika said.

He then urged Malawians to continue to wish Malawi peace, love and unity.




  1. Just like he tried to take govt over his own brothers dead body. What a piece of shit low life.

  2. Abwana sangani nthowa zakumazgira suzgo ili not kuyowoya waka pa msinkhano majority tabanthu yamukanani apa zomerezgani waka kuti mupumule including Jane ansa. Mwamuzengeka milandu kwa Yehova banthu bakumulilirani

  3. Where is the dead body? I checked at college of medicine mortuary but could not find your body. Where can I go now? Please help.

  4. Let’s unite Malawi than dividing it. Politicians find a way of sorting this out.

  5. So it’s good when cadets beat innocent people so when it’s the other way around then ndi anthu osakonda dziko nawo? If there is anyone who doesn’t love our country it’s the President himself with his cronies.

  6. I need more tippex please. And do no forget my fattani ballots. ………….

  7. Opposition they are borners and love malawi is why they want truth for future leaders .

  8. I respect your stand sir. However, you missed a point, you could have opted for dialogue which could end all this post election madness. Unfortunately your comments will only add fire to the demostraters. These opposition leaders command a large following and you can not dispute that.

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