MDF, MPS not siding with any political grouping – Police IG


Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service (MPS) Rodney Jose says the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) does not side with any political and the two security organs are only maintaining peace during demonstrations.

Jose made the remarks in a statement read at a joint press conference by the police and the army in Blantyre on Friday following violence during post-election protests.

The army have been deployed to maintain peace

The police and the army on Thursday intervened in several situations with police firing teargas to disperse protesters and MDF soldiers notably chasing away Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets who were harassing people in Blantyre.

On social media, many Malawians commended the MDF soldiers for the way they controlled the crowds.

In his statement, Jose noted that both the police and MDF rescued individuals whose lives were in danger during protests but people on social media the narrative has been that the security organs side with certain political groupings.

Jose said the narrative is spread by people with malicious intent of tarnishing the image of the two security organs in order to create panic.

“These perceptions that have the capacity of creating social disorder are wrong and will not be tolerated,” Jose said.

The police IG said the law enforcers’ primary mandate is to preserve peace and order but MDF soldiers have been deployed with the aim of curbing violence during the demonstrations.

He advised Malawians to desist from using the MDF and the police to advance their political wishes.

“Both the MPS and MDF are professional security institutions that will always remain apolitical and would not wish to be drawn into commenting on any political issues,” Jose said.

He also condemned violence that occurred during the demonstrations on Thursday and Friday.

Jose said the police will deal with any violent situation and ensure that the law is used on those found perpetrating violence.