Balaka DHO upbeat on Malaria Vaccine

The Balaka District Health Office says it is pleased with the progress in the administration of Malaria vaccine to under-five children in health facilities within the office’s catchment area.

Bonongwe: We have made progress

Recently, Malawi was one of the first African countries to benefit from the pilot phase of malaria vaccination program which has so far received the recommendation of health authorities at the institution as one of the best remedies to curb the cases of Malaria.

Speaking in an interview to Malawi24, assistant environmental health officer for Balaka district hospital Patrick Bonongwe said the program has so far registered positive remarks since it started.

He attributed the development to the good working relationship which has existed among health workers and the general public.

“From the onset of the program, we have managed to vaccinate 984 children in the first dose and a total number of 165 children have received the second dose.’’

Bonongwe said the office is implementing the program in 4 clusters consisting of 12 hospitals.

He further disclosed that no serious setback has been reported in as far as the administration of the program is concerned as medical supplies are flowing smoothly.

Speaking on the side effects of the vaccine encountered so far, the health facility said it has only registered 2 cases of skin rashes in children vaccinated at Comfort Clinic and at Utale 2 health centre.

Nonetheless, the children are said to be in a robust health and the problem does not pose a serious threat as the case is normal with some vaccines.

Meanwhile, the health office is encouraging all health workers and the general public to continue cooperating if the program is to be bear intended fruits.



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