FDH worried its property will be damaged during demos

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FDH Bank has expressed concern that protesters will target its property during the vigils organised by Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC).

The bank said this in a letter signed by its lawyer Patrice Nkhono addressed to HRDC and other stakeholders including UTM and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which have endorsed the demos.

FDH wrote the demonstration organisers following negative sentiments directed at the bank after revelations that on the eve of the May 21 elections Treasury sent K4 billion to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) through an account named Chief Elections Officer held at the financial institution.

The bank in the letter maintains that the operation of the bank account complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

FDH, however, says it is worried that the “anti-FDH” sentiment that has emerged since Monday could extend to its property during the demonstrations.

“Any specific anti-FDH sentiments deployed for example on placards or banners at the demonstrations could add fuel to the fire.

“We would recommend vigilance on the part of the organisers of the demonstrations against the carrying of any such placards or banners by demonstrators or the encouragement of unwarranted sentiments   against our client,” FDH lawyer Nkhono wrote in the letter.

Nkhono advised HRDC to look out against and deal with any act of lawlessness by any demonstrator that may threaten FDH’s property during the 4th to 5th July demonstrations or any future protests.

HRDC has organised the demonstrations to protest against Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson Jane Ansah over the electoral body’s handling of the May 21 elections.







  1. You helped them to fool malawians who are in deep poverty due to corruption acts as you facilitated. You should have known before that malawi of today is not the same malawi that kamuzu, Bakili and bingu ruled. So Malawians needs to send a message to all stake holders that been involved in corruption acts you eill end up paying a price. Its not about the organisers but its about malawians who have been fooled and robbed justice through organisations like FDH. So enjoy sir as you sre facing angry malawians. It may not be this time as we are still waiting the case outcome. But be assured it will happen.

  2. Fuck u..U worried about fdh bank than our people got robbed from your prostitute Jane Ansah

  3. If it happens, you will be a victim of past and present arrogance in part of the bank. After all people may want to restart debate on the “disguised” toxic loans that were swept under the carpet. The troubles for your client have just began. The financial system in Malawi has been lhomwerized, we want to reverse the same. Your client’s bank is proxy to all the mess and hardships we experience.

  4. We all love FDH as a local bank & owned by an indigenous Malawian BUT they cant try to play with Malawians cos of greed & try to fool us all, that alone is an acceptable. FDH must just come clean not to be defensive then it’s where the problem is. For the people to go & break it is unacceptable BUT them too must not take the masses for granted. Banking business needs people so dont take them for a ride.

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