MEC deposit: The Daily Times headline is wrong!


Daily Times paper ran a headline that states that “Government sent K4bn to MEC CEO’s account”. This headline is both wrong and misleading.

The headline seeks to create an impression that the government deposited funds into MEC CEO’s personal account. The said funds’ deposit was in an Official MEC bank account.

From the messages circulating on social media, it is clear that the cheque copy is the basis used for such a false and misleading claim.

Facts are that the said funds were deposited into MEC’s Account. The CEO is a signatory of the account. This is clean from the circulated copy of the cheque written.

“CHIEF ELECTIONS OFFICER (MEC) – CURRENT ACCOUNT, followed by the account number.

A leaked message from someone within the MEC reveals that the MEC also has a “contingency account”. This is for the use of “time-bound” payments receipt of emergency funds.

The government could not deposit into the main account. This is because the process of funds clearance is said to take longer to process and clear. The delays would have resulted in the MEC being unable to pay elections staff on time.

The cheque is payment date shows 22 May, which is a day after the elections. And it is clear from this that this is an official payment for election work.

The contingency account published by the Daily Times is not a personal account of the CEO. But the MEC official account. It is not even clear whether the reporter/journalist called the MEC for clarity about it.

Daily Times’ sensational reporting is mere propaganda. It points to Malawian journalism that has declined to an all-time low. It is gutter journalism characterised by propaganda and smear for political purposes.

It is unfair for the media to use its power to malign individuals, demonise and destroy their image.

The headline of the story by Times was carefully crafted in a manner that would destroy the image of the MEC CEO. It was meant to create an impression that the government paid funds to the personal account of the MEC CEO, when, in fact, it is not the case.

Times wanted to create an impression that there may be some “corruption” around the payment. With high emotion around elections case going on, many people would not even see the propaganda Times is pushing.

In this era of sensational journalism and fake news, Malawians must remain vigilant.  This vigilance must also extend to the “mainstream media”. They do get it wrong as Daily Times did.

Let us reject propaganda and smear with the contempt it deserves. The MEC payment was made to the official account and it is above board. Nothing wrong with it!



  1. Fuck u mec ..u robbed our poor Malawian tax money…u share that figure with prostitute Jane Ansah..

  2. Since Times group gave some evidence, [a copy of the cheque], I am made to believe that you are the one who is not saying the truth! Based on the cheque its payee is named: “Chief Elections Officer” and not “Chief Elections Officer [MEC]” as twisted in your report. The producer of the cheque produced it to “Chief Elections Officer” and not to “Chief Elections Officer [MEC]”, let us accept that!

    Sincerely, there is a lot to be explained in the matter than what we can see with the naked eye!! For instance, if truth is to be said no one can access resources from IFMIS nilly willy, and everybody knows the reasons for that!! Now the question one has to ask is: Is government still having some ways of releasing public resources other than through IFMIS? Since this was a Chief Elections Officer and not MEC Director of Finance/Chief Accountant, is it wrong to think that the latter {MEC Director of Finance} could also be having another account in his post name? In short, which is a proper officer to handle finances at MEC? What has that office [the MEC Director of Finance] said? Further, do regional cashiers release resources of that magnitude? Could it be wrong to assume that Chief Elections Officer could not be the only beneficiary? Again if one connects this matter to the leaks from Mchakulu, can this be a simple case?

    If as a nation we are serious and always wanted our resources to be used transparently and accountably, is it fare to treat reports like this which is trying to bring stray players to remember the rules as producers of propaganda news? Your comments, to me makes me to believe that may be you know more than some us!

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