MPs told to stop commenting on election case


Members of Parliament (MPs) have been advised to stop commenting on the ongoing Malawi election case.

Speaking on Thursday in Parliament, Speaker Catherine Gotani Hara said the MPs should not comment on issues that are in court.

The development came as some MPs in the House were responding to a statement delivered by Minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi on the country’s current security situation amid post-election violence.

Gotani Hara curtailed debate on the ministerial statement claiming some of the issues  highlighted in the statement can possibly influence the outcome of the ongoing court case and can disturb the House’s proceedings.

The Speaker said Members of Parliament will be held accountable for contempt of court if they continue commenting on the matter which is in court.

She further said that though the legislators are allowed to freely comment on anything brought in the House, the chamber would not be safe if debate on Dausi’s statement continued.

“The House may wish to note further that, while the legislator is not prohibited in making comments on matters that may be before the court of law in the course of legislation, there is a restriction on commenting on the matter in motions, debates and questions in terms of our standing orders as the matter may be considered subjudice.

“I have come to conclude that in as far as subjudice is concerned, the House may not be safe if it continues with deliberations on honourable minister’s statement,” said Gotani Hara.