Tobacco sales slump in Malawi


Tobacco sales have gone staggeringly low in Malawi this year as compared to last year’s marketing season.

Since April this year when the market was opened, just $92 Million has been realised. This is against sales made during a similar period last year at $145.5 Million.

According to Corporate Planning and Development Manager for Tobbaco Control Commission Hellings Nasoni, the commission believes the situation will only be improved before market closes and having addressed all stakeholders queries.

He says the sales this made thus far stem from 64.5 million kilograms on tobacco.

Despite being the main cash crop in Malawi, tobacco finds selling on the market hard with sustained disputes over prices to be sold at.

Similar situations emerged yet again this year with the commission involved with some meetings with farmers on prices.

Earlier this year, the Commission said there had been a depreciation of tobacco sales with 30 percent in a period of five weeks since the market opened compared to the same time last year.