We will not allow lawlessness in Malawi – Govt


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government has warned it will not allow anarchy to continue in Malawi saying the country has a president who deserves respect.

This is contained in a press statement released today and signed by Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology Mark Botomani.

The statement follows violent acts that have erupted in the country following the May 21 2019 elections. Opposition political parties are challenging results of the presidential election in court.

“We have seen property being damaged and people being attacked. All this is happening when electoral disputes are in court.

“As Government, we find the perpetration of the violence undemocratic and unpatriotic. We urge those behind the violence to stop immediately because the violence has far reaching consequences on the socioeconomic development,” Botomani said.

He also warned that government will use the Electronic Transactions and Cyber Security Law to punish those who abuse social media.

Earlier today, the governing DPP also held a press briefing in Lilongwe to condemn post-election violence in the country.

Speaking at the press briefing, DPP spokesperson Nicholas Dausi assured development partners, the business community and private sector that there is no crisis in Malawi as the DPP Government will ensure that the country remains peaceful.

He said the party is looking forward to the conclusion of the case in which opposition parties are challenging the presidential results.

Dausi added that the DPP is not involved in the violent protests but advised those who are demonstrating to do so peacefully

“We are aware that Malawians went in in the streets and protests we are not against that but we recommend since they are just exercise their democratic rights but we don’t have to take the laws in our hands,” he explained.

The Minister went on to condemn people who involved in violence acts and those who loot shops and damage property saying it is affecting the development of this country and it is putting the lives of people at risk.

He said all people involved will be brought to book.

At the press conference, Dausi was flanked by Botomani, DPP Secretary General Griezelder Jeffrey, Treasurer General Jappie Mhango and Director of Elections Ben Phiri.


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  1. U know that your things going well but think of poor people also with your tippex government and now you saying pple destroyed property yes with reasons and remember where is chaponda store trillions from malawians is in prison or no so pls think of poor and future leaders . Malawi is for all and we have power but pples power always Mec leaders destroy it.

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