Demos won’t stop until Ansah resigns – HRDC


A day after Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Justice Jane Ansah rejected calls for her resignation, Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) says it will keep on holding protests until she steps down.

On Monday, the MEC Chairperson vehemently refused to resign on grounds that the May 21 general elections were free, fair and credible adding that she sees nothing will force her to resign.

Justice Ansah said the 2019 general elections were exemplary and she would do nothing differently if she were to manage the polls again.

However, reacting to the refusal by Justice Ansah, Chairperson for Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Timothy Mtambo, said they will keep on conducting demonstrations and vigils until the MEC chairperson resigns.

Mtambo continued to say that it’s an insult to say that organizations and political parties have no mandate to fire Ansah.

“Demonstrations and vigils which we have been talking and doing will be continuous until Justice Ansah resigns. Our demand still stands: she must resign.

“We as citizens of this country saw a lot of irregularities throughout the whole election process: the likes of tippex issue and that’s why we are calling for her resignation. We are still crying for what happened and we want justice to prevail,” said Mtambo.

Meanwhile, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and United Transformation Movement (UTM) have also vowed to keep on joining the demonstrations.

UTM’s spokesperson, Joseph Chidanti Malunga said Malawians are the ones who employed Justice Ansah and that’s why people are calling for the resignation.

“Malawians are the ones who made her into power. So, we have the authority to ask for her resignation and that’s why we are protesting. We will protest until her resignation and that’s what we want,” said Chidanti Malunga.


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  1. We protest successfully when we are doing things within the time of God. After the time is over we are not allowed to do further protest. So watch out, otherwise the protest may turn against you and cost you alot and also loose the next elections.

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