A curse without purpose does not alight – Jane Ansah  

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah says Malawians who are praying for her downfall are cursing themselves.

Speaking in an interview aired Monday on Zodiak, Ansah said she is disheartened that Malawians are cursing her because they believe she influenced the outcome of the May 21 presidential elections.

Ansah noted that she has been ridiculed and cursed online while some people have been creating fake stories against her.

The MEC chair said those cursing her are only bringing bad luck upon themselves and their children.

She quoted words found on Proverbs 26:2 which read: “Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest.”

Ansah then advised Malawians to look to God for assistance.

She said she is eating and sleeping peacefully and even her blood pressure is normal because she has heavenly peace.

During the interview, Ansah said she did everything in her power to ensure the elections were credible and transparent hence she is not troubled.

“I worked according to the law and followed all procedures in the electoral process. So I appeal to Malawians to be peaceful as we await the outcome of the court,” Ansah said.



  1. The problem with our politicians they only talk of democracy when they win, but when the vote favours otherwise they refuse to accept the same democracy.
    If the lady did her job why should she be condemned anyone can be in her position, in fact if you lose today you may win next time politics is just like football there is only one winner and goes to state House.

  2. U mam stop talk rubbish to Malawian u did wrong things to us all Malawian we need new Malawi not your boyfriend peter wa munthalika u stayed he won to be president is president at our house not to Malawian

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