No room for rigging in Malawi elections – Jane Ansah


Chairperson for Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Justice Jane Ansah has claimed that the 2019 general elections were exemplary saying there was no room for rigging as the process was watertight.

She said the process of elections was done in a “transparent” manner citing the tally centers at every constituency across Malawi.

According to MEC Chairperson, the just ended elections are a lesson to other countries to learn from to achieve “fairness and credibility”.

Citing the use of auditors during the elections, Ansah said many countries have learnt to have auditors during their elections.

“During the elections, I met an observer who said they have learnt lessons they are to adopt as Commonwealth from our elections,” said Ansah in an interview with the local media.

However, this comes at a time when some political parties have described the elections to have had irregularities among them alterations of results for the Presidency.

The parties have since brought the matter in court and are demanding resignation of the MEC Chairperson.

But Ansah has disclosed that her resignation will depend on the court proceedings in a                                             case involving MEC and the political parties.