Mutharika’s cabinet promotes regionalism – analyst


A political commentator has faulted President Peter Mutharika for including 16 people from the southern region in the 24-member cabinet claiming this has the potential of promoting regionalism.

Mutharika on Wednesday evening announced the new cabinet.

Minister of Transport Ralph Jooma being sworn-in

Overall, Mutharika’s cabinet has 16 members from the southern region of Malawi (him inclusive), 4 members from Malawi’s central region and 4 members from northern region.

Commenting on the newly appointed cabinet, the commentator, Mkhutche said president Mutharika has made right choices though there are several appointments which are questionable.

He said the new cabinet is a political choice as it is full of politicians and less professionals in the various portfolios.

“Malawi is currently enduring regional divisions due to politics. Now for the South to dominate cabinet will add more salt to the division and end up not helping matters. Malawians will see the President as favouring the South.” Mkhutche faults.

He further added that as a father of the nation, president Mutharika is supposed to build and unite this nation by avoiding such questionable decisions.

The commentator also faulted Mutharika for failing to include in his cabinet more women claiming as a He for She champion he needed to have included more women in his cabinet which has saw only four ladies.

“Although now bloated to 24, the President should be commended for the lean cabinet. But there are other main challenges to it: First, the gender balance has not been according to expectations. The President should have given more capable women a chance to be Ministers.

“He is said to be a gender champion. But that has not shown itself in the cabinet selection,” he said.