Mutharika uses bypass road as protesters block M1

A group of people blocked the M1 Road on Wednesday forcing President Peter Mutharika to use the Lilongwe West bypass road as he was going to Kamuzu Palace.

Police fired teargas at protesters

Mutharika was coming from Chikoko Bay in Mangochi and was expected to address Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters at Malangalanga traffic lights in the city.

However, his plan was ruined by suspected Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters who were involved in running battles with police around Biwi Triangle along the M1 road.

The people were coming from the Lilongwe High Court for the Malawi election case and at Biwi Triangle, the group burned wood and tree branches on the M1 Road.

Police officers fired teargas to disperse the crowd and clear the road.

Following the fracas, Mutharika changed plans and used the bypass to travel to Kamuzu Palace.

Presidential Press Secretary Mgeme Kalilani confirmed to the local media on Wednesday evening that the Malawi leader had arrived at Kamuzu Palace.

It was Mutharika’s first trip to the capital city since getting re-elected in the May 21 elections.

He won the elections with 38.5 percent of the 5.1 million votes cast while leader of the Malawi Congress Party Lazarus Chakwera came second.

The MCP is the most popular party in the Central Region and its supporters have been conducting demonstrations in several districts including Lilongwe protesting results of the polls.


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  1. IT is the moral duty of the profession of journalism to report without any bias.However,it has come to our attention that reporting by some journalists is not up to scratch by reporting half truth and not exactly what is actually happening on the ground.

    Since the highly disputed elections Malawians across all tribes in Malawi have expressed their anger and frustrations over what they call tippex influenced outcome.

    REPORTERS to say MCP as a party has more support in Lilongwe is just an understatement..Malawians in all regions have a raised a collective concern and have mobilized themselves towards this cause to advance the national agenda which the ruling elite have been seen attacking for a very long time now.

    So Mr.Reporter it is now or never.

    Malawi has become the breeding ground of injustices too numerous to count.

    The Malawi of today have fiscal prudence/discipline being ignored,social cohesion deliberately not promoted and encouraged,absence of constitutionalism noticed everywhere, political and economic governance attacked and high levels of inequalities.

    Malawians have seen it all and not MCP only.

    It is called an advancement of a national cause.

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