Malawi got its independence in 1994 – Chimulirenji


It’s first foreign trip and first gaffe for Vice President Everton Chimulirenji who made a blunder at the US-Africa Business Summit in Mozambique.

While addressing delegates at the summit where he is representing President Peter Mutharika, Chimulirenji said Malawi got its independence in 1994.

“Malawi has enjoyed peace since her independence in 1994,” Chimulirenji told the summit.

The Southern African country indeed enjoys peace with a recent report ranking Malawi the third most peaceful country in Sub-saharan Africa. However, its independence came in 1964.

In 1994, the country held the first multiparty elections after 31 years of one party system.

The most recent elections were conducted last month and President Peter Mutharika emerged winner with Chimulirenji becoming Vice President.

During campaign for the elections, Chimulirenji also made a gaffe when he said Peter Mutharika died in 2012 instead of mentioning the president’s brother Bingu wa Mutharika who died while in power.

He also gave the wrong history of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) saying it started ruling in 2009.



  1. Sometimes we have just to understand these people that they are old and needs forgiveness……don’t laugh at them when they make such speeches

  2. Shame on vice president it wasn’t 1994 it was 1964. This is very bad to the world a citizen whose representing the country missing miserably at a such world class business summit it’s a shame to him & Malawi citizens. Go back to school & remember to have history in your subjects.

  3. Luck of good governance!! Gone the days where the education was key note.

  4. Put that dog chimulilenji on a leash to avoid him attacking normal PEOPLE

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