Malawi’s Scrafoc sets the bar high in SA with two new singles

South Africa based Malawian gospel artist Atsogo Scrafoc has once again delivered on the mic having dropped two fine-tuned songs.

His mission to change lives through art rages on with his latest singles entitled Testimony and Emergency. The songs in question have been produced in a fashion that suits international standards. His style of delivery is in tandem with his mission; to reach a wide audience across the globe with the message of God.

Having made a name as a rapper, very few hardly believe that the latest songs which are devoid of rap have been done by Scrafoc. Just like other top musicians who maintain their stand on the market, the Malawian boy has proved his versatility.

Talk of the songs, testimony is all about testifying God’s unwavering favours in one’s life, whereas emergence dwells on asking God for favours. In the former, the artist says if he can tell his story to the world focusing on how God gave it a happy ending, none can believe.

The song on encourages people to be faithful to God when they are going through hard times because he will come to their rescue. In emergency, Scrafoc creatively compares a prayer to an emergency call.

He glorifies God by putting him higher as the only one in the line of defence. Atsogo stresses that he has nowhere to God except to bow down before the most high and present his problems. He even pleads with God to answer his prayer.

The two tunes have been done in an urban style which is currently trending in Africa. The style in question has elevated status of top musicians like Nigeria’s Davido, and Tanzania’s Diamond Platinumz.

When asked the reasons behind his choice of style, Scrafoc whose real name is Gift Chilonga said people are likely to listen to a music style which is trending than the one which has gone extinct.