Jeffrey gives MCP three days to stop protests

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General Greselder Jeffrey has given Malawi Congress Party (MCP) three days to stop its supporters from protesting results of the May 21 presidential polls.

Jeffrey has warned the opposition that if they do not stop demonstrating against the outcome of the 2019 elections they will meet DPP supporters in the streets.

The DPP SG was speaking during a victory rally which President Peter Mutharika conducted in Mangochi.

The rally was aimed at thanking people from the Eastern Region for voting for Mutharika during last month’s election. Mutharika won the polls with 38.5 percent of the 5.1 million votes cast.

Jeffrey said Mutharika advised DPP supporters against going to the streets but they will retaliate if MCP continues demonstrating.

“Do not think DPP members are quiet because they are fools. Our president told us to maintain peace, to avoid retaliating because God will fight our battles.

“We are peaceful because we respect our leader,” Jeffrey said.

MCP has launched a legal challenge against the outcome of the polls but Jeffrey advised the opposition party to accept the outcome of the polls and let Mutharika continue developing the country.

Jeffrey challenged that the DPP will not be booted out of government saying the party will continue ruling the country until 2084.



  1. Your right mama ndi makunyadirani nthawi zonse mayi olimba mtima poyankhula

  2. Now its mai Jeffrey. Kufuna kuononga dziko chifukwa cha dyera zinayamba chonchi ndi a Steve muonjeza ndi tionge chimbalanga mukamamenyana iwo athawila kunja pamene inu mukuphana Malawi woke up!

  3. Who do you think are Jeffrey, you think your on top Malawians, watch your steps and mouth because God is not part of creation He is the creator Himself.

  4. Whoever you are, but you are putting the Malawi citizens under your stinking armpit.
    They got rights to fight for a better leadership and government and is it like you are forcing Malawians not to protest of what they see its not right to all citizens?
    You know very well of why this is happening and with your stupidity, you think you cant control the citizens just as how your mr. Ibu controls you? Noways.

  5. Kkkkk 2084 you are dreaming neh? You will be still stilling ? And All Malawian will be just watching that ? Remamber how DPP came to power

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