Chilima tells supporters to join June 20 demos


UTM president Saulos Chilima has urged the party’s followers to join the June 20 demonstrations which Civil Society Organisations have organised to force Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah to resign.

Chilima made the call on Sunday during his party’s rally at Masintha Ground. He was responding to a request from UTM vice president Michael Usi to allow the supporters to go to the streets.

Chilima: go and help them

Speaking earlier, Usi said he understands Chilima’s call for peace but warned that if opposition parties fail to demonstrate against the outcome of the polls, the 2024 elections will also be rigged.

“If we let the use of tippex to rig the 2019 elections go unpunished, in 2024 they will steal the elections using paint,” Usi said.

Responding to Usi’s request, Chilima said UTM supporters have a right to protest against the results of the elections but they should do so peacefully without damaging people’s property.

He then encouraged UTM supporters to go to the streets on June 20 and join protests organised by the Human Rights Defenders Coalitions.

“There are demonstrations on June 21 organised by CSO, let’s help them,” Chilima said

The former Malawi vice president however warned the Malawi Police Service against firing teargas at protesters saying their role is to protect Malawians who are also taxpayers.

Chilima came third in the 2019 elections behind Malawi Congress Party’s Lazarus Chakwera and President Peter Mutharika who was declared winner.

During the rally, he told his followers to be hopeful that a transformed Malawi under UTM is possible.

Chilima said the party is still strong as it is the only one in Malawi that has followers from Nsanje to Chitipa.