Mzuni FC kicked out of university campus

Mzuni FC

Mzuzu University Council has kicked Mzuni FC out of its Thengele Ground which is at the university’s campus.

According to the council, any team seeking to train at the ground should pay K25,000.

The university’s decision came a day after sheriffs seized its vehicles over the institutions’ failure to pay Mzuni FC players K32 million in unpaid allowances.

General Secretary for Mzuni FC Donex Chilonga said the Super League club cannot afford to pay the ground fee.

“We are looking for another ground but I am sure that’s not a big problem as we are going to talk to city council to allow us to use Mzuzu Stadium,” said Chilonga.

The club severed ties with the university after the Mzuni Council proposed that the Super League side should release all non-student players.

According to Chilonga, the team is now being run by the community.


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