Independent MPs snub Abida Mia, worried of her campaign for speaker of parliament


Independent Members of Parliament (MPs) have snubbed Chikwawa Mkombezi MP Abida Mia who is campaigning for a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) candidate on the position Speaker of Parliament.

Mia: has been campaigning

The elections for Speaker will take place next week.  At the orientation for new MPs this week Mia has been telling independent legislators to vote for the MCP nominee.

In a letter to Clerk of Parliament Fiona Kalemba, the independent MPs said they are worried with Mia’s conduct and asked Kalemba to discipline her.

“We would like to bring to your attention Madam that there is campaign going on here for speaker positions to be voted into office on Wednesday next week.

“We the independent MPs are being approached to support candidates of particular parties. DPP is contacting us to support their candidates. MCP too is doing the same. Some Independent candidates are also campaigning for the same seat,” the MPs said in their letter.

According to the independent MPs, they want Mia to concentrate on her campaign without infringing on their rights.