Karonga Nyungwe MP under fire for joining DPP

Independent Member of Parliament for Karonga Nyungwe Kenneth Ndovie is under heavy criticism from the constituents for what they say is betrayal after he sneaked out of Karonga and went to Blantyre where he met President Arthur Mutharika.

Voters feel betrayed-Picture by JordanSimeon-Phiri

Ndovie and other MPs at the meeting agreed to join Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party.

This, according to the voters, is against their wish as they could have voted for the DPP candidate on May 21 had they wanted to vote based on party lines.

Some electorates who spoke on condition of strict anonymity said they feel betrayed as the decision was arrived at without consulting voters who are the owners of the constituency which Ndovie is representing.

“We feel betrayed because as voters we opted for an independent candidate for a reason and that he has decided to switch posts without even consulting us, we feel that he has not only betrayed us but he has also disappointed his employers as it is against our will,” said a voter who did not want to be named.

However, in an interview, the Member of Parliament in question Kenneth Ndovie while accepting to have joined the ruling DPP, defended the move, saying apart from party affiliation, voters elect candidates based on several factors that include characters and manners.

“I did not betray people who voted for me as per speculations, I think that is being orchestrated by evil people, probably my political opponents who do not wish me well.

“In the first place, let me clearly say that during campaign, I told voters that I will join any winning party and this is what I have done,” Ndovie said.

Nonetheless, a Chancellor College political analyst Dr. Mustapha Hussein said the current development where about 30 independent MPs have sealed a deal with the ruling DPP even before Parliament resumes is a sign of desperation for ministerial positions or favour from the government at the expense of voters.

“If these independent MPs have joined the DPP without consent of the electorates then they have betrayed their constituents and it is fallacious if they think that it is for development gains because every MP and constituency is entitled for development funds regardless of whether one belongs to the ruling party or not,” Hussein said.

He further warned independent MPs not to change posts for their personal gains, saying the National Assembly is the third arm of the government as such Parliamentarians ought to respect their constituents if they are to win people’s trust.