The infiltration strategy is at work: MCP warned of UTM

Saulos Chilima

…Malawians should be vigilant and desist from being manipulated

What the UTM leader, Saulos Chilima, said last week at the Mzuzu rally on Saturday and during his press briefing on Friday has greatly drifted away my belief that he is in a genuine fight against this fraud which as a nation we are mourning.

Even the conduct of the UTM lawyers who are involved in the consolidated case leaves a lot to be trusted. They are conducting themselves in an extremely suspicious fashion.

I have had a privilege to take a look at their petition. Truth be told, it was poorly drafted. Above all, the so-called evidence they have gathered and prepared to use in court is honestly below par. It has all elements and flavor of sabotage.

Surprisingly, despite assuring their MCP counterparts that they would file their petition by way of joining them (meaning, MCP was supposed to be the first to file its Petition), the UTM lawyers rushed to court on the day the MCP lawyers were supposed to file theirs. If that is not a pointer of sabotage, what is it?

Trust me, I have laboured so much, trying to convince myself that the UTM leader is really into a patriotic mission of saving Malawi, but his conduct and the conduct of his agents is now forcing me to believe that the UTM is having a completely different mission altogether. A mission that is totally divorced from the welfare of Malawi.

My plea to MCP: Please enter this battle with full preparation that you are on your own without any partners. I have a feeling they are DPP agents cloned to infiltrate your camp and weaken the case. Don’t say nobody gave you a hint!


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  1. You unknown Negracious or whatever your name is, you’re the one who have an agenda in this article of yours what you’re failing to tell us is that Chilima from the word go he talked of nullification of results yet Chakwera was fighting for recount so you don’t need to fool us. Your handlers are the ones who are at fault here.

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