Nine Northern Region chiefs condemn demos


Nine traditional leaders from the Northern Region have condemned nationwide post-election protests.

The traditional leaders spoke against the protests at a press briefing at Grand Palace Hotel in Mzuzu following demonstrations in the city by Malawi Congress Party supporters.

Chiefs at the press brieifng

Nine chiefs headed by Senior Chief Mwankhunikila of Rumphi attended the press conference.

The chiefs said they are not happy with the demonstrations that MCP supporters are holding.

“We are here to condemn the violent demonstrations that MCP supporters are conducting. We had a peaceful election on 21 May and we are asking opposition supporters to stop protesting and wait for the court ruling,” said Mwankhunikila.

On his part, Senior Chief Nyaluwanga said Malawi is one and it is important to be peaceful.

“We are all Malawians regardless of where we came from, that’s why our sons and daughters are marrying and getting married from all districts in Malawi. Let’s talk one language that’s peace,” he said.

Traditional leaders at the press conference included chiefs Mwankhunikila, Fukamapiri, Timbiri, Nyaluwanga and Malaza from Nkhatabay; Kawazamawe, Mwalweni and Katumbi from Rumphi; and Zilakomwa from Mzimba.

When asked why at the presser there were no chiefs from Karonga, Chitipa and Likoma districts, Senior chief Kawazamawe of Rumphi said the press briefing was organized at a short notice.




  1. It’s not strange to have the Iscariots of Chiefs who work towards the destruction of their own country.For Malawi to move from a stagnant nation to a developmental state we need leadership that is realistic,determined and committed at all levels.That is starting from Executive level of leadership down to local authority which includes chiefs.

    In Malawi we have a deeply compromised governance system and chiefs who are our own uncles,fathers or gogos are said to be part of that system.

    Weak and gullible as they are our executive can easily manipulate into harassing and frustrate their own subordinates who should be protected by them.

    Back in the struggle days there were chiefs who worked against their own people’s interest in favor of the colonialists.

    Similarly,these chiefs by condemning peaceful demonstrations by the majority of unhappy citizens in Malawi following an election which was characterised by widespread fraud and cheating demonstrate in strongest terms possible that under DPP leadership corruption levels will not decrease anytime soon with local chiefs being partners in corruption with government.

  2. Mafumu osadziwa udindo wawo dyela basi we need to stand up and fight for the future children of must have food, You only care about that little your getting from this stupid Dpp government. Mbuzi zamafumu

  3. Idiots of chiefs.those are just underdogs.where was mtwalo, mpherembe mbelwa chikulamayembe, jaravikuwa,?a pumbwa a mafumu in kupusa Basi, mumanjejemera pa hotel because
    Panokha u can’t afford.anyani

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