Fredokiss’ booking charges shock Malawians

Fredokiss Penjani Kalua

Malawians have expressed shock at the amount urban musician Penjani Fredokiss Kalua charges whenever he is booked to take to stage.

Fredokiss perfoming

As reported by Malawi music, Fredokiss charges K1, 700 000.

The amount in question is way higher than what most urban musicians demand when booked.

The revelation has largely shocked urban music loving Malawians who said Kaluwa overprices himself arguing that his music is not that good to call for such a hefty charge.

Nkhonjera Joe commented: “Not worth it I think. Judging from his previous performance at Lake of stars.”

Geoffrey Chimenya believes the rapper lied about the amount.

He wrote: “I think that’s just an Election hangover. He just wanna show us that besides losing mpando wa ku parliament (the parliamentary seat) he earns what he thinks or believe he can.”

On the contrary some believes he is worth more than the amount in question.

They said Fredokiss is influential and he has contributed a lot in shaping Malawi’s music industry.

According to Levin Davido Kanthula, Fredokiss deserves it considering the fan base he commands.

Blessed Chancy Ghambi said: “There is nothing wrong with telling how he charges, if you think is not worth it don’t hire him. Don’t waste time undermining him coz he will never undermine himself. Big up Fredo, I would wish he would add the remaining 300 to make it a round figure.”

Fredokiss is one of the most loved and followed musician in Malawi urban music circles.

If he really gets the K1, 700 000 per show, it means he is one of the most expensive musicians in Malawi.



  1. No news here, any talent has the right to charge any price that they feel they are worth. Haters, lets you forget ours is a liberal economy! Eish if you cant afford then let go. Fredo deserves any price that he can charge.

  2. Big Five Freddo, everyone charges price according to his products.
    Why are we judging him while out there everything is expensive?
    We love you and will hire you

  3. Malonda a ntengo okambilina ndi obelana, here the guy has his price written on the packet, he thinks is worth k1,7OO,OOO and he was play that figure against the law of demand v supply. He has costs I.e transport and maybe hotel and hire equip and play the artist..not sure where logistics r charged separately or whether its before or after tax. However if u do the marketing work yourself and also pay for the venue and security u may need to wallet another k1,OOO,OOO on top.. Then the promoters total is k2,7OO,OOO popanda kudoola mtondo, if the venue is large enough I would go ” ladies pay half” or first 15 ladies who enter after midnight will enter free. K5OOO entry fee X 1OOO people. = k5 OOO OOO , so if you hire him you may make K….. profit, amene safuna mbatata adye chinangwa

  4. Wabalalika ndi kuluza kwa zisankho ndiye muzingomukhululukira okay.Sanafike pomakamba za K1.7 million, akuchepa kwambiri.

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