Malawi Elections: Govt attacks AU for condemning violent police


The Malawi Government has attacked the African Union (AU) for condemning the police’s aggressive use of force against demonstrators.

Government through a statement released today by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation says it is appalled by the AU’s criticism.

The AU through its Southern Africa Regional Office (AU_ SARO) on Thursday strongly condemned the use of force by the law enforcers saying it could subsequently provide uncontrollable situations in a delicate regional context and complicate all political and diplomatic efforts.

The statement came hours after police fired teargas at opposition supporters protesting against the outcome of the May 21 presidential election. Several protesters were injured during running battles with the police.

The law enforcers also teargassed the United States embassy.

Reacting to the AU’s condemnation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the police used restraint when discharging its duties.

“The government of Malawi wishes to reiterate that it is committed to the rule of law and will ensure that peace and security is maintained in the country, more so during the post-election period.

“The government including the Head of State, has appealed to all parties concerned to maintain peace and order and restrain from provocative activities,” the ministry said.

The ministry also expressed concern that the AU decided to address the issue through the media saying the Malawi Government is willing to engage with all stakeholders during this period.

It then advised the AU to engage the Malawi Government using diplomatic channels.


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  1. Malawi is regarded as the nation that fears god and the expectation of a christian country is to treat one another as a brother and sister.
    In case of disagreements people must sit down and discuss about the issues without fear or favour;remember that what put in is what you will take out after this life,if you indeed fear god then why can’t you do the right thing.
    The spirit of truth must be in everyone who fears god.

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