Mutharika calls for peace: Condemns violent MCP protesters against ‘Tippex Elections’


President Peter Mutharika has condemned Malawi Congress Party (MCP) protesters and has ordered the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) to protect innocent Malawians and their property from those that want to cause violence.

Speaking on Thursday, Mutharika the Malawi Police Service and Malawi Defence Force will protect innocent Malawians and ensure that any person inciting and perpetrating disorder is arrested and brought book to face justice.

MCP supporters protesting

The Malawi leader made the remarks following a wave of protests by MCP supporters in Lilongwe and other districts across the country.

On Tuesday, the protesters forced government workers to leave the Capital Hill in Lilongwe while on Thursday they were involved in running battles with the law enforcers.

In his address, the Malawi leader condemned the MCP and its president for calling for violence and bloodshed in order to bring chaos in this country.

“We have seen them threatening civil servants at Capitol Hill to stop serving Malawians. These are civil servants who are working hard for this country to keep our children going to school; to provide medicine and keep our hospitals saving our lives and to keep our businesses running every day.

“We have seen Reverend Chakwera and some members of his Party threatening judges and insulting our police officers for doing their job,” he said.

Mutharika called for peace saying Malawians want to continue going about their normal lives uninterrupted. He urged people in the to maintain peace, love and unity at all times and reject lawlessness

The Malawi leader also advised political leaders should avoid inciting their followers to violence and anarchy.

He said: “We must reject criminality in strongest terms and protect our democracy from returning to the dark era of Malawi Congress Party dictatorship and brutality.

“I also appeal to all our traditional leaders, civil society organizations and religious leaders to join my Government and all peace-loving Malawians in rejecting the spirit of violence and anarchy displayed by Reverend Chakwera and the Malawi Congress Party.