Chakwera is using innocent Malawians to take over government by force – Mutharika

…MCP’s coup will not succeed, rants APM

President Peter Mutharika has accused Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera of trying to take over government by force.

Mutharika made the remarks in a statement last night following post-election protests by MCP supporters in Lilongwe.

Chakwera: accused of trying to topple government

The protesters are demanding Mutharika’s resignation saying the elections in which he was declared winner were rigged in favour of the Malawi leader.

The Malawi president in his address said he has been informed that Chakwera wants to topple the government using innocent Malawians.

“I am advisably informed that the real goal of Reverend Chakwera is to ignore the democratic electoral process and its results; to create chaos and civil unrest using lives of unsuspecting innocent Malawians to take over Government by violence and force. This will not be allowed,” Mutharika said.

Chakwera and the MCP have launched a legal challenge against the outcome of the May 21 election saying there were serious irregularities – such as use of tipp-ex to doctor results – which compromised the outcome.

However, Mutharika in his address said all international observers declared the elections peaceful, free, fair and credible.

He noted that while counting of votes was in progress and before the winner was known, Malawi Congress Party started pressurizing Malawi Electoral Commission to declare Reverend Chakwera as the winner.

“Suddenly, MCP went to court to stop the Malawi Electoral Commission from announcing the same results they had pressured the Electoral Commission to announce. After their injunction was vacated, results were announced and I was declared the winner. Then MCP has gone to court again to ask the court to nullify the results.

“Instead of waiting for the court to do its job and the judicial process to take its course, Reverend Chakwera is mobilizing illegal demonstrations that are disrupting everybody’s life,” Mutharika said.

He then urged all people in the country to reject anyone wanting to use Malawians’ lives as pawns for power hungry politicians. Mutharika said Malawians should maintain peace, love and unity at all times and reject leaders who terrorize and threaten the lives of people in the country.

“Let us reject Reverend Chakwera’s lawlessness by maintaining our respect for our judges. We are a country of laws and judges are custodians of law. We must allow them to do their job without influence or hinderance,” he said.







  1. If you fail to follow law yourself as a professor do you expect pipo to follow the law when you are useless? Muthalika you are an idiot you must fall. Gaddafi started very strong by killing protesters as you are doing, where is he? Omar Al-bashir tried to suppress the pipos will and thought he is untouchable as you are thinking, where is he? Please just gently leave the presidency we didi not choose you we are tired of you. This is only MCP and some we are still waiting to see the corrupted malawian courts will do yhen we will join the protests. Be assured this time you are going for good and if you contntinue using your corrupts metjods we will treat you like al-bashire. We are closing in hour after hour.

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