Video: T.B. Joshua shocks the world: Hits a woman on her pr*ivate parts

Prophet TB Joshua

A footage of Prophet T.B. Joshua hitting a woman on her breasts during prayers has surfaced.

The Lagos based world renowned prophet and founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is seen performing the stunt on a video posted on YouTube.

The incident happened in 2017 on the second day of the highly advertised Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua.

The woman had lined up for prayers for what the Prophet’s official television channel, Emmanuel TV, describes as a problems that “defied” medical science”.

As T.B. Joshua prays for the congregants, he stops before the young woman while shaking both his hands.

While seemingly praying for the lady, Prophet T.B. Joshua hits her tummy a couple of time before going for her chest on the 30 second  mark of the video which has been shared on YouTube by Emmanuel TV, leaving some viewers puzzled as to why the prophet targeted the lady’s breasts.

“In most societies, a man can not touch let a lot hit a woman’s breast area. Gently or not. This is because the chest constitutes a private area for women and those who do so are often accused of harassment” Saul Xholha told this reporter.

He gently hits her other body parts in a sequence.

Immediately, the woman begins to vomit which the Church alleges to be poisonous substance.

“Healed in Jesus Name” proclaims the woman, known as Maria Noemi Fernandez Coronel.

An extension of the video captures Maria giving her testimony, in which she claims to have had recurrent stomach problems.

“I had a moving object in the stomach like a living creature…I could stay for 15 or 22 days without going to the toilet” she claims.

“Doctors could not diagnose my problem. After learning through the media the coming of Prophet T.B. Joshua  and having watched his YouTube videos, my faith grew and I knew I would be healed”, she add.

“After attending the Crusade and following T.B. Joshua’s prayers, I can now go to the toilet without any medication. I thank Jesus and Prophet T.B. Joshua” says Maria.

Watch the TV below that has been shared by Emmanuel TV, a subsidiary of SCOAN.



  1. I have been going to hospitals n opened my legs countless times for the doctors to see my problem n I don’t see anything wrong in this case after all its a lie. N the woman in question has she laid a complaint? Amalawi amzanga lekani kuphapha ndi zinthu zaweni wen we ain’t invited to.

  2. Maybe m not part of the world as I’m not part of the shocked….u need to accept Jesus as ur personal Lord n saviour Mr editor.

  3. Yeah, evil hearts, do they care when Dr insert machines in women’s privates for sake of papsmear. Dark hears, all you see is what your father the devil wants you to see so he I snare you the more. You have catalars and scales for the things of God.

    Did I say it OK for him to touch, not because he did not touch private parts. Nor did he hit her beats. JESUS RAIN MERCY FOR YOUR HEARTS TO BE CHANGED FROM FIGHTING AGAIST HIM. BEFORE YOU TAKE ON TH FATE OF PHARAOH

  4. when one writes out of jealousy and envy, they write foolishness like this. Malawai24, you need to find another topic that is not TB Joshua because everyone is tired of your propaganda. please give us something else to read not your imagination.

  5. Nonsense!So what,did the Lady complain,why are you taking panadol on someone else headache,Leave the Man of God alone,you who is educated what have you done in your society? TB Joshua has changed many many many lives…..

  6. What is wrong with that sick people allow there body to be check cause they want to be healed….what is wrong with PROPHET tb joshua the lady is healed….critics do observe well n those big things that happen doest mean anything to them but the smAll nega things that they observe mean big thing….we are so blessed that we have tb joshua even on youtube only …those places where prophet tb joshua step on are blessed than we here in the phil.we are just seeing him on youtube…GODBLESS YOU MORE MAN OF GOD ..i long to see you in person …include us in your prayer my mom is sick ckd shes always watching you…

  7. Mumu critic of Man of God. What the problem touching her chest if that is where the woman’s problem lies?
    Stupid Pharisees news reporter.

  8. It’s a pity for a Malawian journalist to comment such a lie. As for me i see the Prophet TB Joshua praying according to how the Holy Spirit guides him and the lady is instantly healed. If i was this journalist who is trying to capture attention i would wish if the man of God could pray for me. Malawi need TB Joshua more than anywhere else. May God have mercy on you journalist

  9. I don’t blame them, their heart is so dark and evil, leave Joshua alone. Let God judge him.

  10. I cannot see anything wrong with Prophet T B Joshua hitting the woman in the private part; afteralls, she was healed!!! The Preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is made real by the demonstration of Power (1Cor 2:1-5; 4:19-20), and not in excellency of speech.

  11. Doctors do it all the time, they actually check even private parts of women and they allow them because they need to be cured.

  12. This news is really absurd! Is this private part or stomach? Or you thought if you don’t use this stupid headline people won’t read? Please don’t do this again, it’s rebellious.

  13. How did I bet such rubbish feeds on my Google recommendations? Damn. Enough already. Leave TB Joshua alone.

  14. This is when the so called journalists are running out of stories to publish. They publish rubbish. Very poor and disappointing reporting. Don’t you have something better to report?

  15. Your correspondent has not explained why they chose to call this a “stunt”. And why say the video has “surfaced” as if this is some kind of investigative finding?
    There is no need to sensationalize.
    And if the woman is claiming restoration of her health who are we to contest that. It seems impossible to convince some people. They will say they want to see the before and after. If you give them that, they still contest the information. The evidence is not for every one. But for those who are willing to be persuaded.
    You only have to look at the woman before and after to see that she has been restored
    And this nonsense about touching private areas is in the observers imagination. Seriously, is that the story? Makes one wonder.

  16. Dear Malawi24 Editor, please IMMEDIATELY remove this headline – which portrays a gross and grave falsehood regarding the video in question. Anyone who watches this clip will clearly see the lies peddled by this mischievous writer in the hope of cheap publicity for your site. NOWHERE in this video does Prophet T.B. Joshua touch the area you suggest in your write-up.

    He offers prayer for the lady – in a manner no different to the hundreds of clips readily available on Emmanuel TV – and the prayer is backed up with irrefutable evidence of God’s miraculous power, coupled by an immediate, remarkable testimony. For your media house to paint such a video in a scandalous, sordid light is not only ridiculous but blasphemous.

    If you want to gain views for your website with sensational headings, DO NOT use the popularity of an anointed man of God to do so. A word is enough for the wise. Take it down!

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