Politicians are hypocrites – UDF’s Ken Ndanga


United Democratic Front (UDF) spokesperson Ken Ndanga has described Malawi’s politicians as hypocrites.

Ndanga through his Facebook post said it is very worrisome that most of the traits which aspirants demonstrated during campaign are no longer being seen after the polls.

Ndanga: They are hyprocrites

The UDF publicist noted that this time politicians are no longer seen posing and taking selfies at funerals or in market places as it was the case before May 21.

“I can no longer see political leaders posing and taking selfies at funerals. I cannot see photos of political leaders at some market places doing all sorts of what locals do.

“Do we no longer have funerals? Are those trading centres no longer there? Today is Eid, I have not seen any political leader at a mosque or in Islamic regalia. How about the photos of those Ambulances?” wondered Ndanga.

Ndanga concluded by asking all politicians in the country to be real all the time rather than trying to look good during the campaign period.

Ahead of the of the May 21 elections, politicians on their campaign trails were pictured attending funeral ceremonies in rural areas, buying food in local markets and interacting with people sometimes while playing games such as bawo.



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