Kajoloweka calls for inclusion of youths in councils

Charles kajoloweka

Youth and Society (YAS) executive director Charles Kajoloweka has called for the inclusion of young people in district executive committees.

In an interview with Malawi24, Kajoloweka said they are already officially engaging the Ministry of Local Government to support their call on inclusion of youth as non-voting members of the councils.

Charles kajoloweka
Charles Kajoloweka leads YAS.

He added that they are optimistic on the support and that they will also be engaging leadership of district councils soon.

“The process of choosing the youth representatives will be run by councils themselves. We only hope that they will get the best youth representatives to sit in the councils to represent their fellow youth,” he explained.

The youth activist went on to say that their engagement does not stop at inclusion of youth in councils but they will also build the capacity of the youth representatives so that they effectively discharge their duties.

According to Kajoloweka, his organisation will continue to engage local councils on various issues concerning representatives.

He also pledged to build strong partnership with local councils on implementation of the National Youth Manifesto.

YAS was one of the organisations which lobbied political parties to endorse the youth manifesto before the May 21 elections.